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Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to make bean sprouts

Since there's nothing green growing outside in Vermont right now, it's a great time to have your own bean sprouts growing inside. I found mine for $2.00 at a thrift store but I'm sure you can find one new somewhere if you don't want to wait. Check your local health food store or I know Amazon carries them.

My sprouter is a three tier so I can grow three different types of sprouts if I want to. The only one I have experience with are mung beans which are your standard bean sprouts but I have heard that radish sprouts are yummy too. I get the seeds at my local health food store.

1. Sort through the bean seeds and remove any that are damaged.
2. Place the bean seeds in a try and rinse them well.
3. Soak the bean seeds in warm water for eight to ten hours. Then drain well.
4. Rinse the seeds under warm water and let stand to drain for twelve hours.
5. Rinse & drain two times a day for two days.

Then you should have sprouts. You can add them to salads or put them in bread or have them on sandwiches.


Kymber said...

We are a sprout-eating family here, too! Sprouts are sooo good on sandwiches and in salads - and a great way to get some live healthy greens in the middle of winter! Awesome post COAOWM!

Lamb said...

Broccoli sprouts are AWESOME! Also alfalfa sprouts..soybean sprouts, lentil sprouts...I could go on. I LOVE sprouts!
Try this for a healthy burger:
half ground turkey, half ground LEAN beef
Cook burger, top with Provolone cheese, maple cured bacon, shredded romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, a slice or two of avocado (yes, AVOCADO!) and a handful of sprouts. I use chimmichurri sauce for a condiment, but mayo or ranch dressing works good.
(Can you tell I am a chubby chick? I swear, every time I post I add a recipe!)

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Thanks, Kymber. It is a great way to get some greens in the midst of snow season!

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Oooh, Lamb, that sounds so good! I've never tried avacado before so I'll have to give that a try. I love new recipes and I love to cook and well of course eat too :)

Sojourner said...

I remember making sprouts in an canning jar with holes punched in the lid! My how times have changed. I didn't even know such a thing was available!

Humble wife said...

I just read a blog that shared making sprouts like sojourner said. Yummy! Bean sprouts.

Keep on sharing tips like this!

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Hi Sojourner & Humble wife! Thanks for stopping by. I have heard of making sprouts in a canning jar with a screen but since I stumbled upon a brand new with instructions 3 tier sprouting kit at the thrift store for $2 I figured I'd give that a try first LOL.

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