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Friday, June 26, 2009

Pick your own places

If your gardens or orchards are not producing that well but you still want to can and preserve food for your stockpiles, check out some of the places in Vermont you can pick your own at:


Many choices for both veggies & fruits.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Police Scanner Frequencies

For those that use a police scanner, this page lists all the frequencies in the state of Vermont.


It's often helpful to know what's going on in your corner of the state.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snake species found in Vermont

As the weather warms up and more people are outside, please be aware of snakes sunning on rocks (or under) or amidst the tall grasses. We have a number of species of snake in Vermont including:

North American Racer - black body with satin sheet - 4'-6' long

*Timber Rattlesnake - black W-shaped cross bands on a tan background - 2' - 4' long

*Ring-necked snake - blue-gray color with a yellow (or orange) underside and a yellow (or orange) ring around its neck - 1' - 2' long

*Eastern ratsnake - black and white checkerboard on the front half, and then turns to a solid dark tone towards the tail - 5' - 6' long

*Milksnake - reddish-brown blotches outlined in black - 2' - 3' long

*Northern watersnake - reddish-brown blotches on a cream background when young. They darken with age to almost solid black with dark brown blotches - 3' - 4' long

*Smooth Greensnake - solid green - 2' long

*DeKay's Brownsnake - brown or grayish-brown - 1' long

*Red-bellied snake - brown or dark gray with red underside - 1' long

*Eastern ribbonsnake - three yellow, length-wise stripes on a black background - 2' to 3' long

*Common gartersnake - three length-wise yellowish stripes, one on the center of the back and one on each side - 2' to 3' long

The timber rattlesnake is Vermont's only poisonous snake. The ones I have *'d are the ones that have been sited in my town (Castleton).

For more information on snakes in this region, click on the link below. There are pictures and lots of great information.


Be careful out there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soapwort - laundry care

Do you every wonder how you'll clean your clothes if laundry detergent and traditional cleansers become unavailable? Well even if you don't here's a hint for you.

Soapwort (saponaria officianilis) is a very pretty pink flowering plant. Its root can be boiled & the liquid can be used as soap for laundry.

Soapwort is a perennial (it comes back each year) from Europe. The plant is poisonous so please do not eat it.

You can read more about soapwort here:


Start some now and by the time you need it, it should be well established.
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