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Friday, July 31, 2009

Look Up!

See those white lines up there in that crisp blue sky? Think there are just a few extra airplanes out today carrying passengers to their destinations? Well you might be wrong.

Contrails are normal airplane exhaust. Contrail is short for condensation trail. A contrail forms when the hot jet exhaust mixes with the low pressure, low temperature air. It’s very similar to when you breathe out on a cold day & can see your breath. A normal contrail will dissipate after one to ten minutes.

Have you ever heard of chemtrails?

The word chemtrails is short for chemical trails. A chemtrail is similar to a contrail except that instead of harmless water vapor, the chemtrail is made up of more harmful chemicals. It doesn’t dissipate quickly and spreads out over the sky turning hazy.

There are many theories for what’s in the chemtrail exhaust. Theories range anywhere from weather modification to population control. The spraying is typically done in large x’s or in grid patterns. Often spraying is done right before storms.

Testing has been done right after chemtrail spraying and results have included samples of rain water testing positive for pathogens, aluminum, barium, and even dried human red blood cells(!) after a spraying.

There have also been studies showing increases in hospitalizations after chemtrail spraying for things like respiratory illnesses. People have noticed a metallic taste in their mouths as well.

I’m still learning about chemtrails and there’s lots of information out there. It concerns me that “someone” is playing around with the weather or people’s health this way. If the topic is new to you, I urge you to search “chemtrails” on the search engine of your choice and learn more.

If what you read concerns you, let others know about chemtrails so they can be aware too. While supplies last, I will mail a free chemtrail bumper sticker to anyone who wants one. Just email me your address to scentednights2002 @ yahoo.com (remove spaces).


matthiasj said...

Chemtrails are real and dangerous. Good post.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Thanks matthiasj. I hope more people take time to learn about them & spread the word.

wvsanta said...

Good post and something I need to look at a little better
Thanks Santa

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